Chesterfield Hall


Day Event Week Time
Sunday The Remembrance Each week 10:15 am
Sunday Neighbourhood Tea Week 1 in each month 5:15 pm
Sunday Family Service Weeks 2-5 in each month 11:50 am
Weds. Prayer & Bible Teaching Each week 8:00 pm
Thursday Chatterbox Week 3 in each month 2:30 pm

The Church which meets at Chesterfield Hall is one of a group of evangelical, Bible-based churches, established and growing in many parts of the world, all holding the same beliefs and sharing a common purpose and practices.

We believe that God loved the human race which He had created, so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that if we believe that, then we have our sins forgiven (see John 3:16 above). We try to follow the teachings of the New Testament about baptism and how the early churches were formed and functioned. We would not claim to do this perfectly.

Thought for the Month

Do everything without complaining (Philippians 2:14)

That is easier said than done isn’t it? We can all find things to complain about and if we are desperate to find something then there is always Brexit or the weather.

Here is a little test; if someone gave you a pound every time you complained and took a pound off us every time you showed some sort of gratitude, would we be rich or poor? Maybe the answer to that would surprise us. Complaining can become addictive and can only make us miserable; it can also make us very isolated as no one likes to be with someone who is constantly moaning.

How about counting your blessings instead, the good things we have to enjoy, you could be surprised how many positives you have.

God has given us many things we can enjoy and the greatest of all is knowing His Son Jesus Christ as our Saviour. No complaints there I can assure you.

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